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Maksim Samsonov

Vengeance Future House Vol 1

EDM is back with a Vengeance! Volume 3 is here and its bigger and better than ever: Enjoy unbelievable 3200 modern production sounds for big room EDM, such as Kicks (and tonal multi kits), claps, snares, cymbals, effects (with long risers), vocals, synth shots, drumloops (hats only, percussion only etc). Around 80% of this samplepack is oneshots, for directly loading & using it in your favourite VSTi sampler. All oneshots have Vengeance' premium quality: precisely cut, all equal level of volume, ready to use instantly, optimized to cut perfectly through any mix. The creator Andy Hinz spend a long time creating and collecting only the best sounds for this huge samplepack. But the best thing is, that it contains all current subgenres of EDM, so no matter what you want to produce, brazilian bass, electro house, dubstep, garage, bounce, future bass/house, trance or synth/chart pop - this pack will become you main inspirational source for every task!

Vengeance Future House Vol 1

Vengeance Essential Tech House is here to help you bring down the house or raise the roof - whichever you prefer! This new samplepack by Vengeance Sound delivers authentic, up-to-date tech house and techno samples. Explore over 2,200 samples, including a wide variety of fresh one-shots such as bass drums, claps, snares, hi-hats, cymbals, percussion, vocal shouts, synth shots and FX sounds - all subdivided into six different categories. With cutting-edge up- and down-risers, reverse FX, miscellaneous FX, vinyl crackle backgrounds and amazing atmospheres that were recorded on airports and in train stations (and other locations) from around the world, tech house and techno producers can find that perfect sound to showcase in their next chart-topping hit! This pack also features best-in-class minimalistic drum loops (with just very few instruments added, so you can layer your individual loops over kick- and clap-free samples) as well as melody - and bassline sub loops to layer under your beat as you carefully craft the perfect groove.

Vengeance Dirty Electro Vol.3, an ultra-heavy arsenal for creating head-banging club music is back with a brand new samplepack! More devastating than ever with 40 club-smashing construction kits waiting to be discovered. For your convenience, all the oneshots have been organized into their own separate folder. Styles covered by this expansion include Complextro, Dubstep, Dirty Dutch, Bigroom, Festival, and Electrohouse. Don't waste your time with other weak libraries - get the original. This is the real Dirty Electro!

Vengeance Essential Clubsounds Vol.5 is the last and final chapter in what might be the most used and renowned samplepack series in the world. With more than 4,250 wav files and 6 gigabytes of sounds, this masterpiece is truly the heavyweight champion of all samplepacks!Manuel Schleis and Manuel Reuter spent years developing VEC5, proving once again that they are among the best in the business. Every drum, effect, synth and loop has been carefully crafted with unbelievable attention to detail and pristine audio quality. In addition to its future-forward club sounds for EDM, and hip-hop chart-toppers, the pack also features many studio recordings of professional instrumentalists - everything from guitar and saxophone riffs to real, acoustic drums. An expansion pack of this size and quality is one-of-a-kind. Don't miss this opportunity to join the VEC community in making the music of the future!

Vengeance Essential Dubstep is our flagship product for the modern dubstep producer. Volume 2 sets the bar even higher with more than 2,700 samples of brutal dubstep elements! Essential Dubstep Vol.2 brings you the hardest drums without compromise. If you want the strongest wobbles, the most crying leads and the highest pitch end FX sounds ever, this is what you need. It's pure adrenaline for your dubstep, complextro, electro and house productions! (Warning: End user is liable for any speaker damage caused by the rough frequencies that are possible with this product)

Join the darkside! This new sample collection from the house of Vengeance is aimed solely at the club music genres of Dub/Minimal House & Techno/TechHouse. Well known Techno producers of the first generation came together to produce this gigantic Sample Pack: Pascal Feos, Gabriel Le Mar, Frank Leicher & D.Diggler (aka Andreas Mügge) have opened their well-guarded sound archives and demonstrate with more than 1500 samples the way to go in any club. "Freakz On Beatz" is the ultimate library for every producer of deep club music - whether you are a beginner or an expert! All sounds are clearly organized into categories and tempo (126BPM) and further separated into Loops and Oneshots. All Loops run 100% tight, are immediately applicable, and leave plenty of room for your own customizing or editing.

Freakz on Beatz Volume 2 has the bone-dry minimal sounds, deep kicks, crazy synths, and cool basslines with the warm analog sound characteristics you are looking for. Techno pioneers Pascal Feos, Andreas Mugge, Gabriel Le Mar and Frank Leicher contribute samples that show off the minimal, dub, techno and tech-house skills they are so well known for! This time, by popular request, more oneshots, kicks, minimal percussion, claps, bass, and synths. We also have tons of drum loops, bass loops, synth, arps & chordloops, and FX already worked out in detail, just waiting to be discovered! Perfect for all your productions - especially for electro, house and trance genres.

Vengeance Freakz On Beatz is back with more than 2100 awesome minimal samples, an incredible source of sounds and inspiration! Created by leading German minimal house artists including Pascal Feos, Andreas Mugge, Gabriel Le Mar and Frank Leichner, this pack has 750 oneshots (drums, fx, synths) and more than 1350 elaborate Minimal / House loops. Drum loops, construction kits, fx loops, synth loops, a real TB303, sub bass / percussion loops... basically, if you are into cool, grown-up EDM music, you can't afford to miss this! Producers of commercial EDM will love these fresh, unique sounds.

Vengeance Total Dance Sounds - This is your complete dance music production package! With more than 1750 samples, including hundreds of oneshot samples (bassdrums, hihats, claps/snares, percussions, vocals, drumloops, etc.) that provide you everything you need to create your own fresh material. If that wasn't already enough, we also give you 30 complete construction kits from three sub categories: 128BPM Electro (commercial electro house), 128BPM Charts (pop-electro, the stuff you hear on top 40 radio and TV video channels) and 128BPM Dirty Dubby (the crazy club styles of dubstep and dirty dutch). Vengeance Total Dance Sounds is everything you need in one easy package, don't miss it!

Vengeance Sound Future House Vol. 3 delivers a further 40 state of the art construction kits for all types of modern house and and club music (in the form of complete song kits consisting of drum loops and melodies).

Vengeance Nu Disco Vol.1 is a must-have tool for every modern House producer that provides an extensive collection of uplifters, downlifters, impact hits, classic synth stabs, funky fills, and kick-free hi-hat and percussion loops. All of these components are perfectly trimmed and mixed, and available at both 120 bpm and 122 bpm. Using this smart tool, you can instantly get access to the hottest dubstep, trance, dance, house, and electro sounds.This pack also includes one-shot samples, allowing you to create new beats, fills and loops to compliment the existing material. Simply load them up into your sampler of choice and create an infinite number of new grooves and phrases. All of the loops in this product are 100% Royalty-Free including the vocal loops. All in all, Vengeance Nu Disco Vol.1 is a handy tool offering super new and modern loops that really harmonize you with the new space of electronic music style. You can also download Zion Music Flute Melodies Vol 1 Samples Download.

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