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How To Buy Colored Contacts Fixed

Non-prescription colored contacts are illegal in the United States. These colored contact lenses are also called cosmetic, decorative, or costume lenses and are available through a prescription from an eye doctor.

how to buy colored contacts

Non-prescription colored contacts are soft contacts made from a silicone hydrogel material. People have used them for decades in movies and fashion shoots because they can change your eye color or even the shape of your pupil.

On the other hand, non-prescription colored contacts are sold over the counter. They only change your eye color and don't correct vision problems. These lenses aren't FDA-regulated, so they could contain harmful chemicals.

Plenty of verified brands sell colored contacts through a prescription from your eye doctor. If you visit an eye care professional for a fitting, you will wind up with a safe product.

If your colored contact lenses are the wrong size or curvature, they can cause irritation or abrasions. These allow bacteria inside and can cause eye infections such as corneal ulcers. They can also cause other problems, including:

If you're going to buy non-prescription colored contacts, you can buy from trusted retailers online or directly from your doctor's clinic. You should only buy FDA-approved contact lenses from reputable shops.

Note: Once you get a contact lens fitting and a prescription card from your ophthalmologist, you can order non-prescription colored contacts online from retailers like 1-800 Contacts.

They will also show you how to insert and remove your lenses and instruct you on how to wear and store your contacts. Usually, you will be scheduled for a follow-up appointment in a week or so to see how the contact lenses fit you.

Every set of contacts will have a number of days they can be worn before they must be replaced. This ranges from one to 90 days. Never wear your contacts longer than the recommended duration, as you risk getting an infection.

Actually this is the best toric lenses that I tried, it is more comfortable than my other brand's non-colored lenses. I have dark brown eyes, so it is not very bright green on me. However, it covers my eyes beautifully and it looks like I have naturally big dark green/hazel eyes. I am in love with them.

Color contact lenses are most often used as a beauty product. Colored contacts, naturally, change the color of your eyes. Depending on the style and color of the lens, the change can be subtle or dramatic. We offer many types of colored lenses for all of your beauty needs: from everyday wear to cosplay and beyond! Fun fact: most types of cosmetic contacts can also be specially ordered with a variety of prescriptions. Why wear boring, plain contacts when you can try on a new color with your next pair of lenses?

Absolutely! Just follow the care instructions and use common sense to ensure safe, healthy usage of your colored eye lenses. We recommend consulting your optometrist to ensure a prescription isn't needed for your contacts, make sure they're suitable for your eyes, and ensure correct sizing and fit. Limit usage to the recommended number of hours per day and be sure to discard when expired. Different products have different life spans, so be sure to check that when ordering and when using.

Not all cosmetic contacts are created equal. At Misaki, we are proud to only offer high-quality lenses designed and manufactured with care to ensure safety & comfort. To ensure our products are suitable and safe for your eyes, be sure to see an eye doctor who can help with fit and comfort, as well as any prescriptions that might be needed. As always, the safest lenses are those prescribed by an optometrist.

The safest contacts are lenses prescribed by an eye doctor. (We know we've said this a lot already, but it's true, and it is important, so we will say it again!) A prescription ensures a proper fit and accurate vision correction. Cleaning, care, and maintenance are other important safety elements. Wearing contacts that don't fit correctly or contacts that haven't received proper care can lead to serious risks to your eyes like vision loss, impairment, and, in extreme cases, possible blindness.

The choice of color really depends on two factors: your current eye color and the effect you want to achieve. If you have darker eyes and want to see a dramatic change of color, look for more opaque options when you get your contacts. Lighter tones will deliver a more natural look. We offer a wide variety of colors and styles to deliver a look you're sure to love! Choose from brighter tones like blue and green, or try a new look with purples, greys, and costume lenses. Generally speaking, those with a dark original eye color should look for lighter lenses to see the effect and vice versa.

Choosing contacts for brown eyes starts by identifying the color you'd like to achieve. For a warm glow that doesn't change your color, select warm lenses like a hazel or honey color. To more dramatically transform your look, choose cooler tones in a more opaque or vibrant style, which will create a more dramatic effect on brown eyes. With the right style of lens, even dark eyes can be transformed to green, blue, hazel, or beautiful violet shades.

If you're looking for the perfect lenses for hazel eyes, which are also a darker eye color, look for more opaque or dark colored contact lenses to achieve a vibrant change. Hazel eyes can easily be transformed into natural colors like warm and rich browns. Grays and greens are great lens colors to try on hazel eyes to achieve a vibrant, interesting eye shade. It all comes down to the result you hope to achieve with your cosmetic contacts.

At Misaki, we pride ourselves on ensuring that every one of our colored lenses is quite comfortable. We formulated our wide range of vibrant colors of contacts with a high water content of 45-55%. This helps eyes to stay moist while you wear them, keeps them breathable, and ensures your comfort. We know you'll enjoy wearing your Misaki lenses so much you might forget they're there. No matter how comfortable our lenses may be, you should not exceed the recommended wearing time of 8 hours.

If you're looking for natural-looking lenses, the best Misaki series for all eye colors is our Cotton Series. Our Cotton Series does not have an outer rim, meaning that the colors blend naturally onto your eye for a subtle shift. This series has more opaque colors, so they work well on dark colored eyes. Those with lighter eyes can also enjoy our Cotton Series to achieve a new eye color that isn't overly bright.

The lifespan of colored contact lenses varies by brand and series. Discard daily lenses after each wear. At Misaki, our non-daily cosmetic contacts have a lifespan between 30 and 90 days. Our standard recommendation is to discard after 30 days. Depending on usage and maintenance, some users have safely used a pair of contacts for up to 90 days. If you are starting to experience slight discomfort when wearing your contacts, it's time to discard them and start a new pair.

People buy colored eye contact lenses for a variety of reasons. Cosmetic lenses are a wonderful solution for enhancing your beauty. With a range of colors and styles, our contacts can be used for slight and subtle adjustments to your eye color or for more dramatic changes. Wear them every day or just for special occasions, you decide! We also offer special effect colored eye contacts that are great for dramatic makeup looks, Cosplay, Halloween costumes, and so much more.

Choose a trusted provider for cosmetic lenses to ensure your comfort and safety. To help you achieve a look you love with lenses that are breathable, comfortable, and safe, Misaki offers non-prescription, prescription, toric/astigmatism colored contact lenses online. If you need a prescription or require help fitting your lenses, work with your eye doctor. You don't need a pharmacy to fulfill your prescription. Misaki can fill most vision prescriptions with our gorgeous colored contact lenses online.

The best way to order high quality color contacts is to shop at Misaki! We offer seven series of lens designs that are easy to purchase without a prescription. If you need corrective lenses, it's easy to purchase prescription contacts online at Misaki by simply uploading your prescription information. To get a new prescription, simply see a doctor first, then order contacts online. If you have a current prescription and need the details, simply contact your ophthalmologist before ordering.

When worn correctly, cosmetic lenses will not impact your ability to see. The clear part of the lens (the area in the middle) lines up with your iris. This allows light to travel to your eye as usual. The colored portion of the lens covers the colored part of your eye. Your eyes will appear to be transformed, but rest assured, it is only a temporary surface-level change. Cosmetic contacts will not permanently change your eye color.

A few different methods can be used to make safe, comfortable, high-quality cosmetic contacts. Most of our Misaki contacts use a layered approach where the tint is placed between two layers of contacts material. Another method is sometimes used where the tint is placed on top of the lens material. The vibrancy of your colored lenses is determined by the amount and style of tint applied, not the method of construction.

Just like putting in prescription lenses, take care when inserting your cosmetic lenses. Start by washing your hands thoroughly before putting your contacts in and before touching your lenses or lens case. No matter how long you've been wearing lenses, it's imperative to put hygiene first to protect your eyes. Once your hands are clean, put the lens on the edge of your finger. Then, holding your eye open with the other hand, place the lens on your eye. Blink until it sits correctly.

To enjoy a full lifespan of your lenses, be sure you always thoroughly wash your hands before putting in or removing your contacts. After removing your lenses, be sure to clean your lenses with contact solution. Place them in a clean storage case with the recommended storage solution (check the specific lenses for care instructions). Some users benefit from doing a weekly clean to remove proteins. 041b061a72


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