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Hamlet Nekrasov
Hamlet Nekrasov

[S1E5] No Prisoners

The Lifeboat team travels to the Alamo on March 2, 1836, following Flynn, who has convinced General Santa Anna to attack three days earlier in order to keep the Last Stand from serving as an inspiration to Texas and the US. Flynn also murders LtCol Travis before he can finish his "Victory or Death" letter. Santa Anna takes things one step further and orders that no prisoners are to be taken, something Flynn is vehemently against. With the way out cut off, the team tries to figure out what to do. Lucy is tasked with writing an alternative letter to Travis's in order to inspire the populace. Rufus is supposed to find a way to evacuate the team and the women and children. Wyatt is working with James Bowie and Davy Crockett to prepare a defense, while remembering a similar situation in his own military past. Rufus manages to make a hole to an underground aqueduct, allowing the women and children, as well as the team, to flee, while the men hold off the Mexicans. Lucy's letter ends up having the same effect as Travis's would have.

[S1E5] No Prisoners

  • Tropes Chekhov's Gun: Everyone is critical when Wyatt brings grenades to the Alamo. Rufus realizes that he can use the grenades to widen the opening to an underground aqueduct mere moments before the attack.

  • Everyone Has Standards: Flynn never wanted Santa Anna to slaughter all the women and children in the mission. He merely wanted to keep the Alamo from becoming a national symbol of defiance. You can tell from his clearly distraught face that he Did Not Think This Through withy parts of his plan.

  • It Works Better with Bullets: Travis tries to shoot Flynn, having been warned about him by the team, but Flynn foresees this and removes the musket ball from Travis's single-shot pistol.

  • Last Stand: Partly subverted in that the soldiers were certain that American reinforcements would come. It only became clear that the situation was hopeless not long before the attack. At the end, Bowie and Crockett cover the retreat of the women and children, as well as the team.

  • Leave No Survivors: Santa Anna has his forces raise the red flag, which indicates that no prisoners are to be taken during the assault, including women and children. Flynn protests, but Santa Anna points out that this is his war, not Flynn's.

  • Memetic Badass: In-Universe, as per the real Davy Crockett. He admits to Rufus that he lied about wrestling a bear to death. In fact, he simply freaked out and shot the bear by accident, then embellished the story to make himself look good. Before his Last Stand, he asks Rufus to tell everyone that he killed fifty Mexicans single-handedly.

  • Miles Gloriosus: General Santa Anna, who sees the siege of the Alamo as something grand and envisions himself as a Napoleon. Wyatt convinces Bowie to take advantage of that by deliberately leaving one of the fort walls unguarded, knowing that Santa Anna would be unable to resist the temptation to send all his men to storm that one wall, thus funneling the Mexicans into a narrow passage and allowing the defenders to hold out for a little longer.

  • Remember the Alamo: Flynn's goal is to prevent this trope from ever happening. He doesn't succeed because Rufus blows a hole in an old aqueduct, and sends a messenger with the famous letter Lucy had to write in Travis's stead, as well as saving the women ands children, as per the history books.

  • Rousing Speech: A written version. Lieutenant Colonel Travis's letter was supposed to serve as a Battle Cry to Texas and the US, which would cause the Americans to defeat Santa Anna's forces. With Travis killed before writing the letter, it's up to Lucy to write a different one (since she doesn't remember the original wording) with the same effect. She initially struggles with the pressure, but Wyatt's story gives her the inspiration she needs to finish the letter.

  • Survivor Guilt: Wyatt is suffering from this, following a mission, during which the rest of the soldiers died covering his retreat from insurgents. This almost makes him stay and die at the Alamo, but Lucy convinces him that they need him more.

With his men losing heart, Robb orchestrates an assault on Harrenhal only to find that the Lannisters have deserted the castle and left hundreds of slaughtered Northern prisoners in their wake. Robb and Talisa discover only one survivor, a maester named Qyburn (Anton Lesser). 041b061a72


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