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True Worshipers in Troubling Times

I have been warning that we were coming into a time when worship would be critical to our spiritual, mental and physical health like never before. Now, I know that we stand in our places within the congregation and on stage with hands kinda raised or giving it a good little sway from side to side. Hey, we even jump around and show our musical gifts by hitting our vocals or keyboards with runs that send chills down spines and wake up the spiritually dead amongst us. But when was the last time that you got into a press during worship - no distractions, and no concern for what anyone thinks of your adoration expressions to our God?

Let me encourage you today to begin this next journey - today... now - as a "True Worshiper" of our God. The Father is looking for you. A True Worshiper is a Stephen - full of faith and the Holy Ghost (Acts 6:5), full of power - doing great wonders and miracles among the people (Acts 6:8), where when though they are looking at you, they instead see the face of an angel (Acts 6:15). Look, let's go here... how do we walk in such Glory that when the attacks are so intense against us, the accusations so false & painful, and the reality that our end is near, continue in clear presence of mind to speak Truth in the midst of real enemies? How do we - knowing that we are HATED for Christ's sake continue in the faith and maintain our walk as "True Worshipers" of Jesus Christ... while standing alone...sensing our earthy demise... and surrounded by Haters, Liars and Murderers?

Stephen, a mighty man of God, NEVER backed down from speaking the TRUTH. Stephen MAINTAINED His Walk - his Lifestyle as a True Worshiper of Jesus Christ. Stephen was FULL of the Holy Ghost. Yes, and this is the same "Holy Ghost" (that Some choose never to use as his name) who is also "Holy Spirit". John 4:24 tells us "God is a Spirit: and they that worship him must worship him in spirit and in truth." God is looking for such Worshipers. (vs 23) Worshiping God in the knowledge of the Truth of who HE IS and Worshiping HIM according to HIS character and personality, looks very much like what Stephen was able to do in the midst of life threatening circumstances. Stephen was able to place emphasis and his attention on the work and power of Holy Spirit even to the degree that Holy Spirit was HUGE and MAGNIFIED in him - even in death. He, in the midst of preparing to die, saw what? The Glory of God. He was able to see Jesus Stand up from His seat on HIS Throne - positioning HIMSELF to receive HIS Faithful and Worshipful Servant. His Martyr. Faithful until the end. One walking in Glory... in such weightiness that he could still forgive his murderers and haters and ask the Lord not to lay their murder and hatred of Jesus or him, against them.

What's your journey? We live in troubling times. Christians in some countries like China, Nigeria, North Korea and Afghanistan are attacked and murdered daily for the cause of Christ. In America, we like to believe that the Rapture will take place before such activity could ever occur in our land. Time will tell. What is most important though, is that we position ourselves - that we train ourselves - that we hold ourselves true to being "True Worshipers of Jesus Christ" in this hour and in that to come... moving forward and standing firm in Christ - No Matter the Cost.

Stop playing. Live Holy. Love God with ALL of yourself. Live in Truth. Live the lifestyle of a TRUE Worshiper of Jesus Christ - in the light and in the dark. Separate yourself from this culture. Do not conform to this world. Be transformed. Well, here's a godly use of the word "trans" - transformed. Be "transformed" - to what & how? to the image of Christ, by renewing your mind. How? Building your faith and love for Christ through his Word and through worship. Get into the practice of experiencing unintimidated, relentless, uninterrupted, pure intimate acts of adoration in song, dance and word expressions, to the Lord. Do you know how? That's another Blog or teaching. I would love to teach you more on this. Every Worshiper should already experience this. This depth of worship should be easy. It should be your utmost desire - while alone and with others. Football fans should have nothing on you in praise. And for sure, in acts of adoration, you should top every self-loving, idol-producing Vocalist in the marketplace, in your intimate expressions to God in the midst of the congregation. Yep...unabashed... heartfelt...true blue Worship - to our God. There should not be a day that you stand in the midst of a congregation and hold back your acts of adoration to our God.

When young Leah Sharibu the Nigerian girl (one of over 240 kidnapped), stood firm in her commitment to name the name of Christ, she was not released by the vicious terrorist group Boca Haram. She, as a virgin, was kidnapped, and has been in captivity - having been raped and positioned to mother at least 2 children while in captivity. She has suffered heavily for the cause of Christ. How heavy a price have you paid in and for your walk? How heavy is your weight of Glory for the cause of Christ?

Paul was able to identify the many challenges he experienced on his Christian journey in 2 Corinthians 11. He said (ESV) "23 Are they servants of Christ? I am a better one—I am talking like a madman—with far greater labors, far more imprisonments, with countless beatings, and often near death. 24 Five times I received at the hands of the Jews the forty lashes less one. 25 Three times I was beaten with rods. Once I was stoned. Three times I was shipwrecked; a night and a day I was adrift at sea; 26 on frequent journeys, in danger from rivers, danger from robbers, danger from my own people, danger from Gentiles, danger in the city, danger in the wilderness, danger at sea, danger from false brothers; 27 in toil and hardship, through many a sleepless night, in hunger and thirst, often without food,[b] in cold and exposure. 28 And, apart from other things, there is the daily pressure on me of my anxiety for all the churches."

Oh my goodness! I don't know about you but I know what it is to be lied upon, terminated from jobs, homeless, traveling here and there like the balls in the old pinball machines, sleeping on couches, ministering heavily in worship though your husband has left and divorced you, forgiving and embracing those who steal your ministry concepts and will never acknowledge you, pastors sabotaging your events for their own glory, being the laughing stock of companies you helped to advance to levels they never knew, beaten by your spouse at a conference when you are the guest soloist, getting into a REAL press in worship to our Lord, while your Son lay dying and you had to dance around him in worship - pressed in, speaking the Word of God over him that he might live (and he did). And in the midst of it all, I learned to press in like NEVER BEFORE. I learned to worship in spirit and in truth - in the most troubling of times. I learned to adore the One who is the same yesterday. today (and all of those days), and forever.

I do not only worship when everything is rosie. I worship when I have to press... lean forward into it...when the pain is so deep you can hardly open your throat for a single word to come through. There are times you will need to lean into worship with all that you have within you. But from whatever state you are in - learn and practice NOW acts of adoration and the lifestyle of a True Worshiper of our God... in Spirit and in Truth. The more you know about the Lord, the more Truth you are able to declare about Him in Worship. So, get to know Him well. Stay in His Word. You will withstand the tests of time, experienced in the worst of journeys, while the peace of God which passes all understanding, and HIS GLORY is extended through you. It has never failed, that while worshiping God, in the midst of others, his Glory has not extended from heart to heart. Stay true to God in troubling times. Let your worship be such that others are encouraged, uplifted and strengthened. Let Your Press Be an extension of the Glory of God in the midst of this dark world.

About the Author

Selia Darlene Bervine is an ordained minister of the Gospel. She has been a Christian since the age of 7 years old, when under the leadership of her father, the late Rev Junius W. Bervine, she accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into her heart. After tumultuous teen years wherein she experienced extreme physical and sexual abuse, Selia rededicated her life to the Lord, in 1973.

Selia's solo music career began in 1974. And in her God-given roles as Psalmist, Soloist, and Songwriter, Selia has performed for Carol Pikini, on her television program, Building Blocks (Tampa), and on Newsprobe, a program aired in Philadelphia, PA. While Worship Leader at New Covenant Church of Philadelphia, a number of her songs were used for Vacation Bible School (1987, 1988); she helped to produce the music tape as performed by a choir of children, teens and adults, for home based vacation bible schools held throughout the City of Philadelphia. In addition to her responsibilities as a Net Care (cell) Leader at New Covenant, Selia ministered in music as a soloist and with the choir, under the leadership of Minister James Crumbly. She was Vacation Bible School Teacher, Youth Leader and Assistant Sunday School Superintendent at Christian Union Church, (where her father was once Pastor), and planned special events under the leadership of the (then current) Pastor, and SS Superintendent (1973 – 1982).

Selia has participated in numerous singing groups as directed by artists like Calvin Carr and Hardin Walker (both of Philadelphia.) She has produced concerts for children, teens and adults in church settings as well as on location at Fairs and National Day of Prayer Events. Songs like Living Sacrifice, written by Selia, draw people of all ages into intimate relationship with our Lord, as children, teen and adults offer themselves in commitment to him during performances. Yes to Your Way is a tender worshipful chorus, written by Selia that speaks to people, under any circumstance. This simple, yet powerful chorus was ministered during the memorial service for the wife, (Cindy,) and daughter, (Chelsea,) of Bruce Murakami; they were both tragically killed in a nationally publicized vehicle accident, in Tampa FL in November 1998.

Through META, Selia provides arts education to support the spiritual & performance development of artists, and intentionally brings together people of all nationalities and Christ-centered denominations (through AMERICA PROCLAIMS & META). AMERICA PROCLAIMS is a vehicle used to bring the Body of Christ together in accordance with God’s heart concerning his people beyond denominational and racial barriers and beyond surface (or superficial) pretenses. Events planned are designed to posture hearts toward repentance, and to lay a clear path for the manifestation of Christ’s glory, towards effective evangelization of the United States of America. Reach Out, TheNet, and other AMERICA PROCLAIMS components were designed by Selia to support and engage Everyday Artists, 1st Responders, Professional Christian Artists, Students and Christian Leaders & Lay Persons in facilitating change in pop culture in America.

As an ordained minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ, Selia teaches the Word of God to audiences of all ages. She was Christian Education Director at International Harvest Center COG, Tampa, FL (2004). Selia provided mentorship to women, under the leadership of Pastor Paula White, (Without Walls International Church - WWIC), Tampa (1997 - 2000); teaching bible studies (weekly to women and once a month to professionals in the marketplace,) overseeing hospital visitation to children, and receiving special guests (involving itinerary - hotel, air travel, gifts, writer details). Selia was also Assistant Worship Leader for Women of the Word, a ministry service taught by Pastor Paula, monthly. She ministered in music with WWIC choir under the leadership of performing artist, Javen Campbell. Selia shared in alter ministry at WWIC, IHC COG, and on behalf of other ministries. Today, Selia combines all the gifts and skills God has given her to elevate individuals into a sure foundation in Jesus Christ. Through both Christ centered and secular education, Selia increases the potential and capacity of others. Through arts & worship, Selia positions people, of all ages, by the grace of God, to be healed, delivered and cleansed by his precious, saving Blood. Check out secular education and arts components at and for Christ Centered ministry, education, and arts visit  

With a BA from Temple University, (Philadelphia, PA,) Selia earned her degree in Communications, in 1991. She received a 2-Year Certificate from Temple University’s School of Social Work, in Early Childhood Education (1975). At Destiny Bible College, (Tampa, FL) Selia obtained a Certificate in Ministerial Studies (1996). Selia has completed coursework at Regent University, towards an MA in Journalism, in the School of Communication and the Arts.


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