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Reverend Selia Darlene Bervine 

Selia Darlene Bervine Ministries 

Founded in 2009 as a covering for the various ministries and educational components created over the years, Selia Darlene Bervine Ministries offers a variety of teaching modalities, media, and artistic expression to      increase the personal growth and Christ-centered living in God’s people. Rev. Selia’s heartbeat is to reach out to communities around the world – their leaders, people, businesses and churches – to link up for the pursuit of spiritual development, emotional healing, personal & professional development, and family preservation.  Rev. Selia is Founder of LifeQuest, AMERICA PROCLAIMS, The COALITION to Impact Communities, Jasper  Ladies International, META – Ministry and Evangelism Through the Arts,  SEASONS CHANGE International, and over 25 educational components and programs.

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My Story

Reverend Selia Darlene Bervine is a creative Educator, Motivational Speaker, Intercessor, and  Worship  Leader/Psalmist/Songwriter who was ordained a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in November 2001. Holy Spirit combines her gifts of teaching and compassion to minister to adults, teens, and children. The essence of Rev. Selia’s persona is found in Luke 4:18, 19, and behind  public ministry, her gifts of administration and perceiving provide support to her in leadership roles – in both the marketplace and within the Body of Christ.

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