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Life can be tough

but 21st century 

parents keep going...

growing...and building

healthy families with... 

TimeLines Workshops 

Contact us today at

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p e r s o n a l 

e n h a n c e m e n t

Learning... to live life everyday

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Life Protocol


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Is it time to make a destiny move? Is it time for you to


change careers? Life Protocol Advances offers


workshops through organizations to help newcomers


to the workplace, and others, be intentional towards


success. Contact us today at  

Personal & Professional 

PE supports individual families and agencies with strategies that enhance the overall capacities of special learners. Social and cognitive development are enhanced through our one on one or group activities.


PE works with school and home to enhance the learning & social development of children and teens.  Individualized support and programming are provided to target areas of specific concern.

PE (Personal Enhancement) offers workshops on topics that interest age appropriate audiences. PE is designed to enhance the personal development of attendees, providing strategies and tools needed to make every day successful. Matters such as managing relationships are covered in specific workshops; these include date rape, making friends, sibling rivalry, and more.


Child & sex abuse prevention are matters of concern to many, and healing from these experiences are important too. PE offers workshops that support persons in healing from these and other experiences that result in PTSD.


From modeling, to effective marketing strategies, and songwriting to time management, PE enhances the personal development of people from all backgrounds.   


If you have a topic of particular interest that you wish to address with your group, let us know. If our expertise permits we will prepare the workshop on behalf of those you serve.

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