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An object produced or shaped by human craft,  especially a tool,  weapon, or ornament of                archaeological or historical interest. 

Any mass produced, usually inexpensive  object reflecting contemporary society or popular culture:

New Artifacts 4 Picture.jpg

textiles    audio tech    hair stylists       

gourmet chefs     step



stage designers

singers & songwriters

architects   mimes    clowns

floral Arrangers    producers    

movies   toys   clothing   jewelry   home goods   fine art

         books    sports      graphic arts     dance

This is not an exhaustive list of Creative Works & Arts that impact the lives of millions around the World.

Take a look at how Creative Works & The ARTS Impact lives everyday. What Shall WE DO?
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Letter to Born-Again Christians

Dear Christian,


Pray, today, about how You use, create, deliver, sell, give and celebrate Creative Works and Arts. We are responsible as Christians to Holy Spirit in how and what we do concerning "works" created.  Romans 1 gives us a look at the pathway, heart, and outcome of those who "do" and "celebrate" what displeases our Heavenly Father. 

Today, around the country and the world, we see evidence of "Gross Darkness". We see that even our Children, their Children, Leaders, Christian Leaders, bow themselves to idols and doctrines of devils. They Celebrate them! They bring them into the Church and display them on the Alter of Our God!


Awake, you that are Woke! Turn Your hearts to God and Bow before Him, You, who are Awakened.  We ALL Must prepare to Stand Before the King of kings. 

We are NOT to be conformed to this world. We are to be Transformed by the renewing of OUR MINDS!!! 


We must search our own hearts and position ourselves in HLPAA in acts of obedience and love for our Lord.  Ten Virgins had opportunity to prepare for their Bridegroom. Only 5, in commitment to Him, made ready for his Return. Let's "Set ourselves" in Christ Jesus as Living Sacrifices, anticipating His Imminent Return. Romans 12:1,2 

Let's Go!!! 

Rev Selia 


Walk in & Declare


A Standard of Living for the Last Days

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