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Our Nation and the Nations of this world are in crisis. We can all look and see clearly that there are issues. We may not all agree on the scope, size, color, and critical nature of these issues. What An American's Prayer In Black, Brown & White provides for you and me, is a particular set of issues that - through specific Scripture and Prayers - allows Black, Brown and White People to give expression to concerns, to disappointments, to disillusionment, to deep cries for heart change within themselves and others, and to cry out to God for

the future of our Nation. The solutions to the issues brought to bare here in this prayer, all lie in Biblical, Moral, Intellectual, Sound, Boots on the Ground Work that is done from the heart - in Truth - by all of us... together. 


Time has just about run out for our country to maintain its freedoms on multiple fronts. We owe it to ourselves and our Children's, Children's, Children's, Children, to 100 generations, to look at what got us here and what we can do to change course. Our denials, our pride, our hatred, and our unwillingness to reposition our hearts before God, is costing (and has cost) us MUCH!  But guess what... we stand to lose it all as a Nation, if we, as the People of God do not deal with these heart issues and difficult circumstances we face. 

Some of you fit the bill of being clueless, woke, or awake, having strong opinions about the issues that we share within this prayer. No, these 3 are not within one and the same group. These are three different groups of Americans. Interestingly enough, I have been watching many of you simply walk in agreement with people that look like you... just because they do. I am watching others of you stand with a political party simply because you are with that party and committed to whatever it is that they say and do. But whether you stand with a group of Americans who simply agree with those of their skin color, walk around clueless to all that is taking place to, and around you, or you stand with those who are within your political party, you must understand that some of the opinions and stands taken by those you agree with may be totally WICKED in the eyes of our God. Thus, we can no longer just move cluelessly, woke or awake with a clumped mentality of "I agree with whatever they say and do". We must stand with God, and Him alone. This is why Kingdom Thinking and Living is vital to our future. Our country cannot go on this way. You and I must shift our stand and become Christ Centered, Kingdom Minded in our focus and in our hearts concerning issues that impact our Nation. 

I have said nothing about the prayer issues within An American's Prayer In Black, Brown & White. That was strategic. When you open the PDF you will have about 1 hour... 3 hours... 24 hours... or 2 weeks to cover these issues - along with the reading of scriptures, your weeping & travail, your introspection, and your added heartfelt thoughts and expressions to our Heavenly Father. The style of prayer chosen is one that incorporates simplicity of heart, a collective approach to delivering it, wherein one moment it is a Black or Brown person praying, and in the next breath, it is a White person praying. I have chosen not to separate the prayers based upon whose voice or heart is being expressed. I felt led to simply have us deliver this prayer as one voice and one heart. 

It's not an easy prayer. It's one where if you are Black, Brown or White and struggle with those from other colors or mindsets, you will do as others have done... cringe with pride and disdain at what you read. Cry aloud and spare not, my Friends! America has for a long time carried forth its ideals. It, as a whole, has refused to change... and well, the Body of Christ certainly did not take the lead when it was necessary, on many different fronts. So, we can see that our Nation has shifted and begun its downspin into places we have never known. We have run out of time. So let me keep this simple... You and I have no choice. We have no more time to lose. So concerning the simplicity of the words chosen within An American's Prayer In Black, Brown & White... where deep and powerfully written phrases do not exist... you should get to it. Let us pray...

Rev Selia Darlene Bervine 



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