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Blue Under Color for Young Voices Logo.jpg

Young Voices 

C H A R A C T E R    D E V E L O P M E N T    C O U R S E 

At LifeQuest, we love children and teens and create an atmosphere where they are both comfortable and comforted in our environments. So whether we serve them at our place or yours, you can count on young people having rewarding, life changing experiences that build character, academic skills, gifts, talents and social & emotional skills. 


Check out LifeQuest's components. We offer education and arts for boys and girls ages 3 - 12, and for young people - ages 13 to 20 - across America. And in this day and time, we deliver services both online and in person - whichever works best for our goals, time, and settings!! Our staff are professional and have full federal, state, and criminal background checks. 

How may we serve you and your clients, students and families? You may reach us by email at or by telephone at 267-315-9447. 

Special Affects & HandOver provide education and support for Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Families. Series of Workshops and Supports are available for Parents, and Children & Teens (and young adults through age 25). 

Contact us for more information or to set up services for the families you serve. Individual families may reach out for trainings or supportive services. 


Perfect for - 


After School Programs

Home School Activities 

Community Organizations

Church Groups

Juvenile Justice Programs

Youth Clubs 


Need help settling Children into Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Families? Struggling to hold on to and  build a "family unit"? Are You not enjoying the day to day responsibilities and experiences you are having with the young people in your home? It's time to connect with Special Affects. 

We all know that Young people who are considering "aging out" of Foster Care need to prepare for those changes. How are You preparing them for their freedom and responsibilities?  We can help through HandOver. 

LifeQuest offers series of workshops for children & teens, and for the adults separately to assist in establishing family units, and in helping them to transition, as young people move forward. 

We work with organizations, schools, churches, agencies, and families.

Contact us today for more information. 

Character Character Character.jpg

           A Good Name 

            is like Gold. 

          It Shines and

      Reflects the essence 

           For which it 

           was Created. 

By Selia Darlene Bervine © January 1995

The mission of Young Voices Character Building  Course is to introduce life changing  character principles into the lives of young people, ages 6 through 20.    


Our goal is to increase the potential for healthy and wise decisions to be made daily by  young people. Students are encouraged to continue growing and refining their character by pursuing our year-round activities.

Young people are offered  a chance to interact with other students year round, to decrease the potential for isolation, involvement in gang, or to participate in other undesirable activity.    Everyone gets involved - home, school, and community!

Back Strip for PE Logo.jpg

p e r s o n a l 

e n h a n c e m e n t

Learning... to live life everyday

Young Voices is designed to -

· Develop Self Concept

· Motivate Leaders

· Increase Positive Character

· Establish Healthy Relationships

· Promote Strong Moral  & Ethical  Standards

Boys and Girls Club YV Statement.jpg

Schedule an 8-week course, year round activities and monthly assemblies for your young people! 

Reach out to LifeQuest at for more information. 

Add to Students' 
Cognitive Development 
Through Arts 

Arts for Life Logo.jpg

Contact us today to specify your needs!



Facebook Cover 2.jpg

Stimulate learning, increase creativity, engage socially through Arts for Life. We bring music, dance, drama, spoken word and creative writing into the lives of Students, allowing them to engage the world around them and others across the nations, through Arts for Life. Students will come alive an even excel in their cognitive development as they expand their experiences through creativity.  

PE supports individual families and agencies with strategies that enhance the overall capacities of special learners. Social and cognitive development are enhanced through our one on one or group activities.


PE works with school and home to enhance the learning & social development of children and teens.  Individualized support and programming are provided to target areas of specific concern.

PE (Personal Enhancement) offers workshops on topics that interest age appropriate audiences. PE is designed to enhance the personal development of attendees, providing strategies and tools needed to make every day successful. Matters such as managing relationships are covered in specific workshops; these include date rape, making friends, sibling rivalry, and more.


Child & sex abuse prevention are matters of concern to many, and healing from these experiences are important too. PE offers workshops that support persons in healing from these and other experiences that result in PTSD.


From modeling, to effective marketing strategies, and songwriting to time management, PE enhances the personal development of people from all backgrounds.   


If you have a topic of particular interest that you wish to address with your group, let us know. If our expertise permits we will prepare the workshop on behalf of those you serve.

Contact us today to schedule weekly lessons,  music time,  or other experiences with your Students. Opportunities for performances are available. 

Reach out to us by email at 

We have taught teens and young adults principles for success in the workplace - while they perform as VIP's -  for over 10 years! From The School District of Philadelphia's Administration building, Students from over 15 schools, learned the significance of preparation for the work environment. We have taught our principles at workforce centers, in public libraries, at youth conferences, and within the university setting. How may we serve you? 

Reach out today - 

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