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LifeQuest's specials and discounts are created to support you in getting the most out of our components for those you love and serve. Your Family, Business, School, After School Program, and Community Organization, will benefit from the Bundles you put together. Check below for details and contact us with questions concerning the components you are interested in. 

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Look at the LifeQuest Components below for ways to Bundle learning and experiences with SKILLBUILDERS. Prices range and are based upon the numbers of children you assign to SKILLBUILDERS and the number of           weeks or months you wish to have Students or Adult Participants experience the Bundled components.                Contact us today for a consultation. 

Call us at 267-818-4062

PROGRAM COMPONENT                                                                             DESCRIPTION 



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Arts For Life is a gift to schools and communities bringing music theory, arts performance                    development and arts performance by youth - ages 7 to 18 years through adults. People from all races learn inspirational music and perform for special audiences – at military hospitals, nursing homes, children’s hospitals, malls, national day of prayer events, assemblies and events within the city. Bundle Arts For Life with SKILLBUILDERS to enhance the creative development of your Students.

Destiny Page Experience aka DPEx may be combined with our Young Voices Character Building Course presenting special topics like Leadership Development or Bullying.  It may be experienced as an Assembly, Conference, or may carry for an entire school year for grades K - 12.  Speak with us about what you need your young people to experience. 

You may combine Arts for Life, Destiny Page Experience, Young Citizens and other LifeQuest components with SKILLBUILDERS as a Bundle for your organization or school. Specials range widely because of the ability to make use of some components year round or for as little as 8 weeks. 


Youth, ages 13 through 18, increase skills that prepare them to produce excellence in the workplace as volunteers, interns, and as paid employees.  Bundle Teen Protocols with SKILLBUILDERS to support your K-5 Students, and through this same Bundle, provide support to other Students you serve. 


Help your Students by building in their parents confidence, patience, and capacity to come alongside their children in all their struggles. At times, it's "I hate their Dad", which devastates - and often creates parental alienation and psychological maltreatment against - the child, and their Father. Our parenting workshops deliver to Moms, Dads and other Caretakers, life changing experiences that help parents, children, and others to heal. Bundle a series of Timelines workshops to go with SKILLBUILDERS and keep your eyes open for positive change for good.


Civic responsibility, civility, strong moral character and respect for self and others will provide a strong foundation for Students K-12 as they navigate through  a  society that advances changing ideologies, lawlessness, lack for honor for parents, authority, and God. Our Young Citizens. create opportunities to serve, and to live free - understanding their Rights  and the Rights of others. Bundle Young Citizens with SKILLBUILDERS and expand their critical thinking and social skills. 


Developing the character of young people is critical to their ability to be resilient, trustworthy, fair, and so much more. Why not help to increase the character of your children and teens by creating a bundle of Young Voices Character Development course and SKILLBUILDERS. The 16 character building principles, the arts experiences and other activities connected to YV will deliver outcomes you can only be proud of. Look further, and plan to support your Students' growth through Young Voices.   

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