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Selia Darlene Bervine has educated people of all ages for over 25 years. She began as a Lead Teacher of preschool children, at the University of Pennsylvania’s Child Care Center, (Philadelphia, PA.) Over the course of 5 years, children from around the world were provided a rich mix of cognitive, arts and social skills education through her leadership.


Starting at Salvation Army, (Philadelphia, PA) as Social Worker and later becoming Social Service Director of two of its child care centers, Selia served over 125 families annually, at the Center City site, and provided leadership to social service staff, at a second location. Along with administrative responsibilities, Selia provided workshops for parents and trainings for  teachers, delivering a variety of early childhood education helps for tender parenting, and strategies for effective teaching. Selia went on to impact the lives of families - providing counseling for adults, children and teens - as a contracted Behavior Management Specialist, (1995 – 1997,) for Mental Health Care, Inc., (Tampa, FL.)


Year of Excellence Program (grades 1 – 12,) Fit for Life (all ages,) and 7 other community enhancement programs were written by Selia, for WellCare HMO, Inc., (Tampa, FL.) These won the company the largest member awardment for HMO’s in the state of Florida, in 1996. Her programs were introduced and implemented in many of the six Florida counties served by WellCare HMO. She began tenure at WellCare as an Event Coordinator and progressed to Public Relations Manager, and then became the first Community Relations Director for the company, successfully building relationship with communities and expanding the company’s reach into the hearts of families, community leaders, organizations, and corporations. In fact, Selia, with pen and paper in hand, laid out the vision for the community relations department, along with her and other employee roles. Today, as a country wide corporation, WellCare has Community Relations Departments whose very existence began with a vision by Selia to greatly impact cities and regions through innovative strategies designed to heal, strengthen families and to build communities.  Her work at Mental Health Care, for DHS as a Child Protective Investigator (Tampa, FL,1994)  and as Family Law Coordinator, for The Guardian Ad Litem Program (Sarasota, FL,1992 - 1993) provided families and professionals alike, compassionate professional resources and care, necessary for the healing of hurting families. 

Young Voices Character Development Course, written by Selia, has enriched the lives of countless young people and their families through its 16-character building principles. A 1995, 2-day Young Voices Conference was held in Tampa, FL and allowed over 300 young people and parents to explore and experience, through the Arts, the results of this 8-week course. Self Concepts of the program graduates were enhanced from the course, and was made evident during the weeks and years to follow.

Selia was Work Readiness Instructor, at two Tampa Bay WorkForce Alliance locations, (2003 – 2005.) She provided professional development in workplace excellence, customer service, and communications to hundreds of job seekers. Selia is a Certified Workforce Professional, through Dynamic Works Institute, and has successfully taught 1-day seminars and 2-week workshop series to adults and young adults, some just beginning their journey into the work place. She provided strategy, direction and guidance to persons whose lives meandered, and brought hope and encouragement to persons with 30+ year’s professional tenure in the marketplace. Many of these persons entered her classes despairing of life because of loss of employ. Today, through Life Protocol Advances, adults have the opportunity to experience growth and professional development. Strategies and lessons designed by Selia possess pathways for real success as midturn participants engage themselves in goal setting and vision making towards career change.  

Selia's Special Affects, HandOver and Timelines workshops are designed to support parents and young people, through personal development, life management, and relationship building. Her goal is to increase stability in natural families, and minimize transitions in foster, kinship and adoptive homes. The workshops and services increase the potential "life success" of children, teens and young adults who age out of foster, adoption or kinship homes. 

The Arts, and the field of Communications have been used by Selia to enhance learning, as well as to provide public relations and marketing during her tenure with various companies. Selia uses modeling and fashions to build the self esteem of students, while giving them opportunity to develop public speaking, research and other important skills. She incorporates drama, dance and music in her child abuse and date rape prevention lessons, to enhance the learning experience of those attending her workshops. Selia’s creative marketing & public relations strategies have allowed her work with the military, and with political leaders, to enhance the quality of life, for military service personnel, and communities alike. She has the capacity and interpersonal skills to work with persons in all sectors of society. Selia has created and implemented more than 20 educational components, and over 40 workshops. 

Selia was born one of 6 children to the late Rev. Junius W. and Geneva A. Bervine. She has a family that is musical, compassionate, and creative. Selia is the birth mother of one handsome son, the nurture mother - through Foster Care of two lovely young women,  godmother to two beautiful god daughters, (one, a mother of 6), and grandmother of three caring & innovative grandsons, and two bright & creative grand daughters. Her commitment to children and youth would probably yield more children (now adults) who have been fostered in love in Selia’s home over the years. From Philadelphia to Florida young people continuously express appreciation for Selia’s love and care.    

Selia earned a BA from the School of Communications and Theater at Temple University, (Philadelphia, PA,) in 1991. She received a 2-Year Certificate from Temple University’s School of Social Work, in Early Childhood Education (1973). At Destiny Bible College, (Tampa, FL) Selia obtained a Certificate in Ministerial Studies (1996).

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