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Teens (ages 13 - 18),  and Children (ages 6 - 12), attend 9 weeks - online via ZOOM or In Person  - of SUMMER SERIES. For two hours on a Tuesday (6-12 years) or Wednesday (13 - 18 years) Young People create, learn, sing, and grow in multiple areas - while having fun and building relationships. At the close of the 9 weeks each fully participating young person will receive a Certificate of Completion. There will also be Closing Exercises wherein all Young People will participate. Whereever you are in the world, this is an opportunity to engage and grow. God is doing something, and we know that Young People are very much a part of it. 

9 Full Weeks of META & DPEx

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  • Beginning June 22nd (6-12 year olds) and June 23rd (13-18 year olds) will learn, practise, pray, speak, and perform using dynamic activities centered around 4 Main Themes: "The Intentional, Creative, Loving & Jealous God",  "Standing For Christ: Religious Liberties - Students Rights", "Victimhood", and finally, "Civic Responsibility". 

    We are in troubling times. Young People must be developed and prepared to STAND in a "woke" and "cancel culture" environment.  We use Public Speaking, the Arts, Prayer, Fun Activities, and More to Develop Young People for what is to come. 

    Set Your Young Person up for Success in a world that Hates Christ Centered Believers. In a time when organizations and national leadership seek to Divide the Nation by Color of Skin, Instill Their Lifestyle Standards into the Minds of Our Young, Remove Our Country's Sovereignty, Destroy our Religious Freedoms, and Control What We Do and How We Think, We MUST Be Vigilant and Careful to have Strategic Times with our Young and Develop them to STAND and to STAND Strong. 

    Register your Young Person Today! 


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