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In honor of  the Legacy of Baby Zechariah, who was an inspiration to many, because of his Bible name, we raised monies to purchase clothing for young children for Resurrection Sunday. And though we knew that many of those children would not enter a church building, on "Easter" Sunday, we used this as an opportunity to share the love of our Lord Jesus Christ with them, and their parents. 


The name - Zechariah - has its origins in the Hebrew language, and means,  "God Remembers", "The Lord Remembered", Yahwah Remembered", "The Lord Recalled". Wow!  How special is that?!

And I can tell you that in moving around the city to give out the new clothing to the children/parents, in honor of Zechey, there was clear evidence that the families we interacted with, and shared the Gospel with, were truly being remembered by our Lord God. I am preparing a presentation to share with you about these experiences. It will reflect the heart of God - through  many of YOU - who supported this act of love through Prayers and Giving. It will reflect the legacy of Zeckariah - found in his very name - The Lord remembered!

I Love You All! 

Rev Selia Darlene Bervine 

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