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Discovering More About JL

Founded in 2015, by Rev Selia Darlene Bervine, Jasper Ladies International captures the essence of its earlier birthing in the 80’s, when Selia  gathered with close friends whose drive and heart focus - like hers, sought God intimately, dreams  passionately, and family with deep  commitment. Selia found that growing with women of all ages & races, who had strong  desire for excellence in all these areas brought her so much joy! She saw a need for REAL Heart Connect between females within The Body of Christ who could “Grow and Go” together to reach  the lost, to engage & heal the hurting, and to connect the Body of Christ in ways that go deeper than experiences found in massive gatherings. So… we are women, and teen girls of all ages from around the world who Study the Word, Worship and Pray together; who Establish or change the worldview of  disconnected young people; who Minister to the needs of  children, teens and adults using Christ centered supports.  We are Movers & Shakers using our Gifts, Talents and Skills to Build the Kingdom of God. Come on, Grow & Go with us!! Join TheMOVEMENT: AMERICA PROCLAIMS. To stay connected to our 4One Events go HERE. Questions? Email:
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Women with Vision who Pursue God-given Dreams.

Jaspers' Round Table 


A weekly study of topics relevant to today's issues for Christian living. 

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  Monthly meetings         to worship,            pray & connect.

The Heart Gathering

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Ministry opportunities in various regions for Women & teen Girls. 

Missions & Outreach

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