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Special Affects 

Building... Blending & Bridging  Families...Together




Independent Living Education 

Special Affects & HandOver provide education and support for Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Families. Series of Workshops and Supports are available for Parents, and Children & Teens (and young adults through age 25). 

Contact us here for more information or to set up services for the families you serve. Individual families may reach out for coaching, trainings or supportive services. 

Need help settling children into foster, adoptive and kinship families? Struggling to hold onto and build a family unit? Are you not enjoying the day to day responsibilities and experiences you are having with the young people in your home? If you can answer "Yes" to any of these questions, it’s time to connect with Special Affects


We all know that young people who are considering aging out a foster care need to prepare for those changes. How are you preparing them for their freedom and responsibilities? We can help through HandOver Independent Living .


LifeQuest offers series of workshops for children and teens, and for the adults who care for them, separately to assist in establishing family units; We then help them all to transition, as the children and teens move forward.


We work with organizations, schools, churches, agencies, and families


Contact us today for more information.

Special Affects 

Building... Blending & Bridging  Families...Together

Schedule "Leading Heart"for-

Adoptive  Parents

Foster Parents

Kinship Parents

Aging Out Family Homes



Independent Living Education 

Aging Out  (Ages 16 - 25)

22 Weeks of development preparing older teens and young adults for independent living. 

Special Affects 

Building... Blending & Bridging  Families...Together

Schedule "High 5" Series for -

Kinship Children & Teens

Foster Children & Teens

Adopted Children & Teens



Independent Living Education 

Round Out  (Ages 8 - 15)

24 Weeks of development specific to the needs of children and young teens.

Preparing for Reunification? 

Let us help. Reach out today! 



Contact us today to specify your needs!

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