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PRAYER SITE: Intercessing Nations


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P R A Y E R   R A L L I E S 

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We have heard the most amazing Students pray over the past 12 months! From first grade to young adults, Students are delivering the enemy knock out punches that increase the Faith of their peers, and that, most of all, destroy the works of the enemy. 

We invite You, as a Christ Centered Christian, to join in with Students around the country, whose hearts are stirred to pray. 

Parents, Schools and Others may sign their children on to attend our STUDENT REACH Prayer Rallies. Parents may also attend workshops designed to discover gifts of their children, as well as workshops to develop themselves in various personal and arts related topics. 

Connect with AMERICA PROCLAIMS to take part in our trainings, and get ready to Advance the Kingdom of God in strategic prayer. Reach out to us here.  Email us with questions at

Prayer  Works


is Faithful!

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Request the PDF of An American's Prayer in Black, Brown & White. Spend 1 Hour, 1 Day, 1 Week or an entire Month pressing in concerning a number of issues that divide our Nation. Quite frankly, these same issues deliver a punch to the Body of Christ, who in its sincerity, believe - as we all stand firmly, and speak loudly of our own beliefs - that Our way and Our point of view is what is right and accurate. But what we must come to grips with, is that it is God's Viewpoint ONLY, that Matters. Those of us who love the Lord our God, and our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, will do best, in agreeing with the Spirit of God, through the Word of God, about our country's issues and conditions. 

Whether you are Woke or Awake, take the Scriptures, within this Prayer, and agree with them out loud, as you pray an American's Prayer In Black, Brown and White.  One thing we know for sure, is that if We, as Christians, become Kingdom Minded, and Live out the Word of God in Love, with One Another; if We understand that the enemy of our Souls seeks to divide and conquer us because of many of our own "heart issues"; if we can be willing to lay down our lives for our friends (others), then we will Set Ourselves in a place to fight on behalf of our Nation, with Strong & Strategic Prayers such as An American's Prayer in Black, Brown, and White. Request it today. Feel free to leave a Love Gift of at least $5.00 to help us continue to bring the Body of Christ together through 4One Events & Experiences. If you would like a hard copy of this Prayer - with a Love Gift of $8.00, request it here, and please remember to say, "Please Send My Copy By Mail of An American's Prayer in Black, Brown and White.  

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Prayer Ambassador 

Become an


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What an opportunity we have as Christ Centered Artists to declare the Word of the Lord in Every Situation, over our Nation, and the Nations of this World! 

Become an AMERICA PROCLAIMS Artist Prayer Ambassador. We are looking for committed, faithful, Intercessors who are also Creative People, and in the Performing Arts to take part in strategic weekly prayer. AMERICA PROCLAIMS has a unique definition of Christ Centered Artists which includes many who are not in the performing arts. View our definition here.  

Take a look at The Declaration of Renewed Commitment and Our Statement of Faith to determine if we are a great fit for you to operate in this role. All of our Prayer Ambassadors are first Signed on to Join TheMOVEMENT, so be sure to join before coming on board. We provide training for all of our Prayer Ambassadors. We look forward to ministering in prayer alongside you. 

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Since 2014, AMERICA PROCLAIMS, along with Churches, Arts Ministries and other 4One Hosts and Connectors, have sponsored,  24 Hour Prayer Connect & Night of Worship within one of its 14 US REGIONS. In recent years, we were prompted by Holy Spirit to change the name of Night of Worship to Extending God's Glory. We see the Glory of God's Presence as the abiding place wherein change of heart, healing, deliverance and thus - God's Glory is seen and manifested. We see that the Mighty Hand of God is often at work in the Presence of His Own Glory. We choose to "set ourselves" in such a place... all of us... when hold Extending God's Glory experiences. 


We invite you as Intercessors, Pastors, Performing Artists, Citizens of this United States of America, and 4One Hosts & Connectors,  to participate in our Experiences when they are held within your or other AP US Regions

Join TheMOVEMENT to connect across America in times of worship and tactical prayer. Reach out to us to discover when 24 & Extending God's Glory will be held in your Region and plan to participate. 

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