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Hello My Creative Friends,

If you are viewing this page it is because you or someone you know is a Creative Person or in the Performing Arts. So, hey, Fellow Artists & Creative People! I am Selia Darlene Bervine, aka Rev Selia, Executive Director of AMERICA PROCLAIMS. I am thankful that you have taken time to visit us here. It is my heart and the Heart of God that You and I "Make a joyful noise unto God..." throughout all the lands. (Psalm 66:1) So, it is that where ever You and I find ourselves, joyful noises from us should flow with ease to our God.


AMERICA PROCLAIMS was formed in 2007, with YOU, in particular, in mind. The Spirit of God, in His wisdom, knew that today - March 23, 2022, would come... wherein darkness, confusion, hatred, and fear would seem to prevail in the hearts and minds of millions across the world. Who is it that Can and Will make the difference in Pop Culture around the globe? You KNOW the answer... it is YOU and ME. Creative People of all kinds, "Set" in the hearts and minds of people of ALL ages - direction...strategies...mindsets... and worldviews. You and I bear strong responsibility for what we deliver for fun, living, relaxation, and instruction. Some of you will balk at this reading, stating that everyone is responsible for themselves - in how they personally think, process, and share what "WE" create and deliver. What I'd like to do is take time to engage this mindset over a meal, coffee, during your workout, or however you hang. It will not be in 1 reading that I will share my heart and God's Heart concerning our Responsibilities as Creative People. LOL, honestly, we would be here allllll day!!! I won't do that to you. 


So, I ask that you keep coming here... that you join us when we bring Speakers in to discuss all of this... that you read up on NoteTaker and other material that we present here...that you view videos by us and others that we share here... that you...inform YOUR heart that it is open to God's Heart in everything. Please take time to look around the website. AMERICA PROCLAIMS has need of Kingdom Minded Trainers, Musicians and other Creative People who are Christ Centered to teach, and to participate in 4One Events - Evangelistic Experiences, Outreaches, Arts Missions, and in Prayer Connects & Worship Experiences. Those who join us, do so, as part of TheMOVEMENT: AMERICA PROCLAIMS, as in the Role of a Christ Centered AMERICA PROCLAIMS Creator or Artist. 


We invite you to become a 4One Host & Connector, to join Citizen 2 Citizen, and to also join The COALITION to Impact Communities (if you are a Senior Leader of an organization, business or educational institution). Females, both women and teen girls, are able to minister, learn and grow through Jasper Ladies International. So, guess what, there are many avenues through which you may serve the Lord, through AMERICA PROCLAIMS.


You know what... I think the best place for you to start is in reading on our Home pageAbout Our Heartbeat, Our Statement of Faith, and The Declaration of Renewed Commitment , found on the page, What Does It Mean to Join TheMOVEMENT? You will discover - almost immediately - where you stand on some things. Don't you think that's a good place to start?  I do. 

Wow!! Whether or not we are working within the general public or in 5-fold ministry - full or part time, you and I face decisions, daily, in how we create, give, use, design, sell, promote and celebrate Arts & Creative Works. We are in a cultural fight for our country, and most specifically, for the Souls of each Individual, in it. We are the West. We have been given MUCH... so to us...MUCH is required. People around the World buy in to what we impart and deliver. So come on now... Stop Playin'. Nope... I'm not talking to everybody. But am I speaking to You? Only You and God Know. Some of You have been Searching for AMERICA PROCLAIMS. You have been looking for a place to release the creative Anointings that God has matured in You. Others of You are being drawn by Holy Spirit to Come Deeper. So wherever You are, Know this... It is Time. 

I love You. I look forward to spending time and ministry with You. Please feel free to email me at If you are ready to join TheMOVEMENT as an AMERICA PROCLAIMS Christ Centered Artist and link up at the most basic level with us, then REGISTER today. 

I'll See You Soon, My Favorite People!!

Rev Selia 

Rev Selia

Selia Darlene Bervine

Executive Director, AMERICA PROCLAIMS


John Chapter 17;  Ephesians 4; Psalm 133:1; Luke 4:18, 19; Romans 1; Romans 12:1, 2

DEfining is in Order




AMERICA PROCLAIMS defines "Artists & Creative Workers" as those who create, design, produce, and present creative works. This work can be for use by sight, sound, touch, and for nourishment, entertainment, health, housing, sports or education; the work may also be used on the physical body i.e. costumes, fashions, clothing.  


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AMERICA PROCLAIMS defines a" Christ Centered Artist" as One Born Again Christian who uses their creative gifts, talents and skills, as well as their own celebration, purchasing, manufacturing and delivery of another's arts gifts, products, and services, to engage people in a manner that supports and encourages "Christ Centered - spiritual growth", and thus assists others and themselves in living for the Lord and in more committed service to Christ. Romans 21:1,2;  Romans 1;  2Chronicles 7:14; Psalm 133:1; John 17;  Luke 4:18, 19. Email us to request a more complete description, at 


There are a number of factors that help to establish someone as an AMERICA PROCLAIMS Christ Centered Artist. And when fulfilled, AMERICA PROCLAIMS Artists literally become part of TheMOVEMENT: AMERICA PROCLAIMS - driving Christ Centered Arts into Regions, Countries, and into the Lives of People of all ages across the World. 

For a full description of an AMERICA PROCLAIMS Christ Centered Artist, Email Us - providing your Full Name, Birthdate (with year ONLY if under age 18), CELL Phone Number. Social Media name on Facebook or Telegram, your AP US REGION, Province, Town, City, State, and Country.  Please tell us in less than 100 Words about your conversion experience, your favorite scriptures that you live by, and how long you have been Born Again. 

Email Address - 



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