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Kingdom Builders come in different packages. Christ Centered Christians are gifted with a combination of God-given gifts and capacities that when used to God's Glory, builds His Kingdom with purpose, strategy, and commitment. Some teach, sing, serve, and some give.


Then Finally Become... 


5 Strategic Partnerships

4One Hosts

4One Connectors

Through our 5 Partnerships you join us to support missional evangelism as it positions the Body of Christ to connect with non believers - - communicating Luke 4;18, 19 in times that matter most. Christians from all age groups discover how to become missional and to provide missional evangelistic ministries through Reach Out. Then through Project Reach, SEASONS CHANGE & AMERICA PROCLAIMS Artists provide missional support to individuals and families in crisis.

When you contact us inquire to learn more about 4One Hosts. But in short, a “4One Host” is a Born Again Believer who is a member of TheMOVEMENT: AMERICA PROCLAIMS, who is a Bible believing and teaching individual who through AMERICA PROCLAIMS ministries, events, and experiences, brings the Body of Christ together beyond denominational & racial lines – intentionally, to fulfill the kingdom prayer that Jesus prayed in John 17.

A “4One Connector” is a Born Again Believer who is a member of TheMOVEMENT: AMERICA PROCLAIMS, and One who connects other Believers in Christ to AMERICA PROCLAIMS for 4One Experiences (Prayer Connects, Missions, Education, Christ Centered Arts, TheMOVEMENT, etc.) found in any of our ministries. Citizen 2 Citizen, Jasper Ladies International,

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