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Christ Centered Leaders & Business Owners Impacting

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Christ Centered Senior Leaders               Christ Centered Proprietors                Christ Centered Churches            Christ Centered Arts Leaders                 Christ Centered Principals             Christ Centered  Philanthropists 

Christ Centered Community Impact

Out-of-the-Box Evangelism & Ministry

Strategic Collective Collaborations 

To walk in Christ likeness, Wisdom, God’s Righteousness, Holiness and Joy, and with the spirit of a Servant Leader, as we serve and work alongside others, and as a Leader who is part of a Christ Centered Community of Believers Around the World.  

Our heart is to Galvanize a MOVEMENT of Senior Leaders within organizations, who are Christ Centered within Ministries, Arts & Creative Works, Businesses, Corporations, Agencies, Schools, Philanthropy and as Professionals who are Kingdom of God Minded, to change the heart of communities, reconnect, refocus and rebuild communities - one heart at a time - using resources, sphere of influence and collective strategic objectives; to change the outcomes or strategies of politicians and others whose work will harm the spiritual, psychological and physical health, safety and economic development of communities.

Our Mission

Our Values



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Are You Curious About...

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The Culture of The CIC

The COALITION to Impact Communities (aka The CIC) is committed to "Kingdom Building". Our heart is to bring Christ Centered Leaders together in this Final Hour who share our heart. To capture our heart, you will need to visit Arts & Culture Connect's "Home" Page and "About" Page. You might also wish to review "What It Means to Join TheMOVEMENT".  There, you will also see the "Declaration of Renewed Commitment  to God, His Kingdom Work, and His People". This is a core aspect of AMERICA PROCLAIMS, one that sets the standard by which we advance into our times together.  Citizen 2 Citizen permits us to engage communities through Christians, within their own cities and towns.  And you know, there are times when the word "communities" is seen... and even the word "politicians", and right away, there is the assumption that the thrust of a ministry is "social leaning", "progressive" and even "woke", The CIC, is none of these. Our heart is to see Holy Spirit move mightily throughout the land to change the lives of the wealthy & poor, through biblically sound teaching that removes poverty of Soul and Spirit from those who financially have or have not. We are not proponents of Socialism, and stand firmly on the Word of God. Be certain to view our Statement of Faith.   You as Business Owners, Ministries, Educational Institutions and Professionals of all Kinds, engage people from day to day who need the ministry of Luke 4:18, 19; Psalm 27:10;  Ephesians 6: 10 - 18. We just believe that we can achieve John 17 so much better... together. Psalm 133:1; Ephesians 4:1-4.   Look around. Get to know us.

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