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The Citizen's Choice

Our Mission: To assist community members in connecting with one another to address neighborhood & community issues with respect to safety, neighborhood cohesiveness, and cleanliness; to plan for community events; to build and establish new and positive relationships for the betterment of communities, regions and entire nations, and finally, to communicate through - relationships, laws, God-given Rights, and through daily living - our 'unalienable rights' to live peaceably, joyfully, and safely in our countries, cities, and towns, around the world. 

The Value of Every Life

 Your Rights

Your Quality of Life

The "right to life" was given by God as an "unalienable right" to everyone - in the womb and outside of the womb. The Citizen's Choice stands on this truth and encourages people around the world to live and to celebrate life whether or not the individual spoken of is known to them, has ever been seen or heard, or has directly brought value to them. We are all God's creation. We stand on the fact that 1st chances at life are equally as important as 2nd chances, and we esteem highly human beings - no matter their socio-economic, educational, or spiritual status. We love everyone, and embrace the truth that while some take steps to evolve into someone other than God's design for them before the foundation of the world, we understand that He knows the end from the beginning. And so, we know that ultimately, we all will stand before our Creator God, and will be known as He has known and designed us to be for time and eternity. 

The right to "free speech" and "thought" was given by God and creates opportunity for individuals to process their thoughts and communicate those thoughts in appropriate settings.  The right to practice one's religious beliefs is a God-given right and provides for mankind to access and celebrate God  - especially and joyfully in the most difficult of times and seasons. The "practicing of Faith" generates more Faith and is an act known and appreciated by the God of the universe as a way to please Him, and thus, secure His  Sovereign response and favor.  The right to protect self, family and property is a right that helps to protect you and I against terrorists, tyranny, and criminals seeking to cause harm to us.  These rights are to be respected  And activities established, communicated and fulfilled must clearly be understood to be a natural outflow of actions committed that destroy God's design of family, health, business, home and God-given relationships. ​

The right to create every day experiences that pursue "life, "liberty" and "happiness" was given by God as an "unalienable right". Thus, the pursuit of these by children (pre and post birth), teens, the mentally unstable, the elderly and you & me are to be honored and upheld just as long as these experiences protect the most vulnerable, and then women, and others within societies.  ​The rights of people in society are alive and well. And within the 10 Commandments of the Bible, along with other Promises in God's Inspired & Holy Word, we see that God wants abundance of life for us. In addition, within the United States of America, the Original Constitution, the Bill of Rights and subsequent Amendments are designed to honor and protect the lives of people of every color, as Citizens of the USA. Though initially mishandled, and misused, and for many years ignored, these standards are to be implemented, celebrated and honored by every person within the US. No person - man, woman, boy or girl, should consider themselves One to be without value or purpose. ​


For grades K - 12

    Civics     Developing Servant Leaders      Becoming Great Citizens & Helpful Neighbors     

        Knowing Your Student Rights         Why Clean Cities?       Character Development    


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