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Hello My Creative Friends,

If you are viewing this page it is because you or someone you know is a Creative Person or in the Performing Arts. So, hey, Fellow Artists & Creative People! I am Selia Darlene Bervine, aka Rev Selia, Executive Director of AMERICA PROCLAIMS. I am thankful that you have taken time to visit us here. It is my heart and the Heart of God that You and I "Make a joyful noise unto God..." throughout all the lands. (Psalm 66:1) So, it is that where ever You and I find ourselves, joyful noises from us should flow with ease to our God.


AMERICA PROCLAIMS was formed in 2007, with YOU, in particular, in mind. The Spirit of God, in His wisdom, knew that today - March 23, 2022, would come... wherein darkness, confusion, hatred, and fear would seem to prevail in the hearts and minds of millions across the world. Who is it that Can and Will make the difference in Pop Culture around the globe? You KNOW the answer...  (Keep Reading...)

Christ Centered  - Creative People, Sports Players, People in the Performing Arts, and Businesses related to them all, are welcome to connect with those who need your services and ministries through TheNET.

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Citizen 2 Citizen is planning a series of trainings to take place in the Months of April, May and June. We will focus on Training Local Citizen 2 Citizen  - TRACK 2, and 4One: AMERICA PROCLAIMS - TRACK 7. Look for information updates soon. 

I am searching for Christ Centered Musicians to work on a recording project this Summer. I need a Keyboardist, Guitarist, Drummer and Bass Player. Please reach out to me at

Thank you. Rev Selia 

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We are preparing for our 1st Prayer Walk of 2022. Check out the details here

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REGION 14 (Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York & Delaware) Intercessors, Musicians, Worshippers, Soul Winners, Movement Ministries, and Creative People - Meet us in the Summer of 2022, for Ministry to the Lost & Broken. Details to come soon.

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