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No, S(H)E'S Not!

These scriptures - Ephesians 5:3,4 - come to mind when I think of statements like “My work husband” and “My work Wife”.

I’ve done little research, but what I’ve initially found are the following details, as the origin of these phrases: “According to Timothy Noah, writing in Slate, "The terms 'work wife,' 'work husband,' and 'work marriage' entered the national lexicon in 1987, when the writer David Owen wrote an Atlantic essay describing a particular platonic intimacy that frequently arises between male and female employees working in close proximity...”

Friends, We, as Christians, must be ever so careful not to take on the ways and the practices of the world. The enemy can use them to draw us into situations difficult to get out of. Sometimes we think our conversations harmless, when actually we are planting seeds that later become huge trees that we find ourselves unable to get around.

You may say, "I'm not in the least bit attracted to him" (or her). Sure, I understand. And so does the devil. But what about the next man or woman that comes along? You've already opened the door for such playfulness in your life. And having operated in it so easily, what makes you believe that you'll be able to drop the habit when you are absolutely required to?

It is best to take heed to the Word of God and to walk wisely... particularly when all is well between you and God, and you and your spouse. Practice makes perfect. You've heard of that saying. Try, instead, honoring your own spouse in your work setting or quietly praying for him or her during the course of your day. How about sending her or him an anticipatory note of an intimate evening alone (after you both have put the children to sleep). In other words, Drink from your own Cistern. Because... No, She's Not... No, He's Not - your Spouse. Stop Playin' With Fire. Last I looked... People are Still Being Burnt!

Selia Darlene Bervine


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