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Whether Arts, Education or Marketing We are Always Creating for You.

QUA J Enterprises
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We Teach Principles  & Education for Life.

Since 1995, LifeQuest Educational concepts have been taught in Homes, Classrooms and Communities.  We bring education to you, your family, and your organization. How may we serve you today?

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Here is what we offer at


  • Arts,  Character & Personal Development 

  • Tutoring & Over 15 Components for Children & Teens 

  • Community Relations & Parent Education 

  • Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Support 

  • Family Resources & Support

  • Personal  Development 

  • Leadership & Workforce Development for Adults & Youth                          


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Impact Today.


We make serving you, your clients, students and constituents easy, by working on location at your site. We bring workshops, services, trainings and consultations to you! It couldn't be much easier than that! And, it is our pleasure to do so. 


We structure long term trainings around your needs and offer support services, generally, during the hours of 8AM - 6PM, Monday - Thursday. One day assemblies or conferences are available and allow us to present life changing principles in the timeframes you need. 

Our components are innovative and designed to meet people just where they are. 

Our staff are professional & caring. They complete background checks and provide references to support their quest and  appropriateness to work with those you love and care for. 

SKILLBUILDERS Tutoring Grades K-5

Here's What Clients Have to Say...

Parents, Neighbors, Leaders, Teachers and Business Owners can embrace the mission of Young Citizens and support Students, K-12, as they develop themselves through     

Young Citizens. 

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p e r s o n a l 

e n h a n c e m e n t

Learning... to live life everyday

"Ms. Bervine relates well to her customers while maintaining appropriate, professional boundaries...She often created innovative and effective best practices and would enhance and add value to our line of business. She has been recognized by her peers as a pace setter and set the bar for many." 

Zelda Morgan, Manager, Education & Case Management TBWA

"Selia has a gift for working with different age groups and enjoys their participation in her projects. She has a God given passion for children and youth. I have also worked with her on a citywide effort and have appreciated her ability to operate as a team member and a leader at the same time."  

Linda Green, VP Ministries, AGLOW International 

"... Ms. Bervine has served in the capacity of an Educator and in Community Engagement, in schools within the District. She presented Teen Protocols: Principles for Success, which is a 16-week course that she designed, at the District’s Administration Building, for High & Junior School students, preparing them for excellence in the workplace...


Ms. Bervine possesses the strong qualities of a transformational leader who demonstrates an acute level of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and an uncanny ability to understand complex duties...

She is an outstanding individual of firm values, broad vision, deep compassion and sound judgment. She is committed to education and will continue to contribute significantly in her future endeavors to the various needs of our society"


Karen James, Director, Parent University & Call Center School District of Philadelphia

PE supports individual families and agencies with strategies that enhance the overall capacities of special learners. Social and cognitive development are enhanced through our one on one or group activities.


PE works with school and home to enhance the learning & social development of children and teens.  Individualized support and programming are provided to target areas of specific concern.

PE (Personal Enhancement) offers workshops on topics that interest age appropriate audiences. PE is designed to enhance the personal development of attendees, providing strategies and tools needed to make every day successful. Matters such as managing relationships are covered in specific workshops; these include date rape, making friends, sibling rivalry, and more.


Child & sex abuse prevention are matters of concern to many, and healing from these experiences are important too. PE offers workshops that support persons in healing from these and other experiences that result in PTSD.


From modeling, to effective marketing strategies, and songwriting to time management, PE enhances the personal development of people from all backgrounds.   


If you have a topic of particular interest that you wish to address with your group, let us know. If our expertise permits we will prepare the workshop on behalf of those you serve.

“LifeQuest 'extends its services to support schools by reaching out to parents, businesses, the faith community and local community members. LifeQuest advances their components into the lives of people of various cultures, faiths and age groups. Ms. Bervine was recognized 

by The School District of Philadelphia's Office of Family snd Community Engagement (FACE) as an effective deliverer of "best practices in teaching teens" during the 2014/15 school year. Her class, Teen Protocols was taught over a 20 week period  at the School District's Administration building to teens from over 14 schools. We them as an asset to any line of business."  


Principal - Dr. Toni Damon 

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“This workshop has brought me to a new level of awareness of who I am and where I should be in the workplace...I feel better about who I am and how everyone sees me. I would be interested in attending other workshops or seminars done by Ms. Bervine.”


K. Kelley-Williams

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Arts for Life is for all ages... from Babies through Seniors! 

Music, Dance, Drama, Written Word...

Training & Performances!

Give your young people the DPEx experience. Yes, that's it!!! Experience - the experience of Destiny Page Experience - aka  DPEx.   Learn more

"Work Readiness [workshops] is very useful because it provided a lot of information., such as how to prepare my prepare for an interview and  [how to] dress up. I also learned how to have a positive attitude. Mrs. Bervine really does a good job. She cares for everybody, she supports everybody…"


B. Banientos




In today's world, protecting your family is of utmost importance. What you instill in them is vital and could be critical in determining the choices they make...and the outcomes they experience for all eternity. So, everything really begins with You. Why? Because they count on Your leadership.  Your work family, school family, biological or foster, adoptive and kinship family look to You for guidance. How You handle everyday living is important. How You set them up for success could make the difference. It does not matter if it is the home front or the workplace, Others look to You for guidance. So today, as You look to bring success, to build confidence, to help heal, or to build skill, for Yourself or Others, look at LifeQuest Components. Assess your needs, and decide how LifeQuest can serve you and yours. And if we can... we will. Call us today!    

TimeLines Workshops 

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Life can be tough

but 21st century 

parents keep going...

growing...and building

healthy families with... 

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Is it time to make a destiny move? Is it time for you to


change careers? Life Protocol Advances offers


workshops through organizations to help newcomers


to the workplace, and others, be intentional towards


success. Contact us today at 

Life Protocol

We have taught Teens and Young Adults principles for success in the workplace - while they perform as VIPs - for over 10 years! From the School District of Philadelphia’s administration building, students from over 15 schools, learned the significance of preparation for the work environment. We have taught our principles at workforce centers, in public libraries, at youth conferences, and within the university setting. How may we serve you?

Reach out to us here.

Special Affects 

Building... Blending & Bridging  Families...Together




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Special Affects & HandOver provide education and support for Foster, Adoptive & Kinship Families. Series of Workshops and Supports are available for Parents, and Children & Teens (and young adults through age 25). 

Contact us here for more information or to set up services for the families you serve. Individual families may reach out for trainings or supportive services. 

The mission of young voices character building course is to introduce life changing character principles into the lives of young people, ages six through 20. Our goal is to increase the potential for healthy and wise decisions to be made daily by them.  Schedule YV today! 

Young Voices is designed to -


LifeQuest Today.


Don't wait another day! Reach Out to us to discover how our innovative program components and services will support you in schools, businesses, faith communities and more! How may we serve you today? Reach out to us with questions or for consultation or email us at

· Develop Self Concept

· Motivate Leaders

· Increase Positive Character

· Establish Healthy Relationships

· Promote Strong Moral  & Ethical  Standards

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