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Man, Get Out of My Restroom!

Updated: 4 days ago

It's what I should have said to the man who I walked in on, at WAWA, as he washed his hands at the sink before leaving. But I was so shocked at seeing him there, that I backed out and while looking for the sign "WOMEN", said, "Am I..." and before I could finish the question a woman coming out of a stall said, "You're in the right place". I then said, "Ohhhh, I thought for a moment that I entered the wrong restroom." I stared at the man as he left, hearing him in arrogance say, "Whatever".

It was a moment in which I found myself attempting to identify this man's agenda. It was an odd moment because I tried assessing his attire, his gait, and his communications to determine where he was coming from in his decision to enter and use the "WOMEN'S" Restroom.

I had already experienced the flamboyant gay man using the WOMEN'S" Restroom - who could have considered himself "Trans" but I could not see him - I could only hear him, so I did not know what he identified as, while he talked from within a stall.

One other time that I experienced a male in the "WOMEN'S" Restroom was at the gym. And for those of you who work out, you know that females will shower or change their clothing - removing much or all of their attire right there in the locker room area. In such a situation women expect to see only other women in the area. It is a shock to the system and extremely upsetting to have our "safe space' infiltrated by a "biological male". It is not what we expect. It is not what we want. How vulnerable do you think our "girl" students feel?

So, let me get to the point. The man that I encountered in the restroom... the "WOMEN'S" Restroom, at WAWA, had an agenda. I sensed that HIS agenda was to start another phase of this infiltration into "Safe Spaces for Females". I felt in my spirit that he was a perverted Soul whose heart it was to "force" Females to "have to" accept the presence of "all" Males in our Safe Spaces. I excuse NO MALE who wishes to make use of a Females Only Safe Space. But what I am saying is, that I believe that this male is attempting to "just do it" and have the thought and agenda to be - "Who's going to question what you identify as?" "Just get females accustomed to "seeing us" in "their safe space", and sooner or later, they'll just expect the presence of full grown, masculine, opposite-sex attracted, males in there."

Men...Women, this is the time to fight back... to speak up. Pastors, Political Leaders, Fathers, Uncles, Grandfathers, Teachers, Principals, Law Officers, and You and I, ought to be the voices that push back, and drive out this whole agenda with its various parts. There are times that Mothers take their little boys into the WOMEN'S Restroom. We know why. We appreciate and understand this. Now, of course, there are "Family Restrooms" that make it easy for Fathers and Mothers to bathroom their young children, or to stand guard outside of one, while their Adolescent or teen uses it.

Fathers, in particular are challenged where there is no Family Restroom, because seeing to their baby or young daughter's needs in a safe manner becomes almost impossible. So, we need to make the case for more "Family Restrooms". What do you think? Do you believe that more "family Restrooms" are needed?

Of course, the "All Gender" Single Occupancy restroom is becoming more and more popular - especially in hospitals. That is useful and works well to address the "Safe Spaces for Females" Issue. Obviously, we still need "FEMALE ONLY" Restrooms, Showers, Dressing and Locker Rooms. Last Summer (2023) I walked into the only multi-stall Restroom at a restaurant. And much to my dismay, I stood in what was now "the common area" established for both Males and Females. It was where hand washing takes place as well as things like reapplying makeup or whatever other type of act a "Female" seeks to accomplish. It could be looking to her personal "monthly" needs, or fixing a hem on a skirt, a button on a blouse, or addressing an issue on her undergarments. The common area of a "Female's Safe Space" is needful and must not be tampered with. We are unique and have very different needs for protection and common privacy, than do Males.

Think about store "DRESSING ROOMS". When we are trying on clothing, there are times when we need to view garments from a certain angle, distance or under certain lighting. And sometimes we are just hoping that we can glean the opinion of another female about the look of that garment or its appropriateness for us or perhaps for a certain event. At times, we may not have on our person, an appropriate undergarment suitable for coed view.

These are safe spaces for us as Females. And they need not go away because of a shift in the mind, mental health, morality or will of others. There are many devastating stories of harm done to Females by Males who have infiltrated the "SAFE SPACES FOR FEMALES". So speak up, please. Do it before it's too late. There are currently 145 days on the calendar wherein the LGBTQI+ community are celebrating their agenda...goals...and ideals. How many days are on the calendar in celebration of Females... for Women... and for Girls? Aren't they now deciding that there is no real way to identify or describe a "Woman"? After thousands of years - - there is now no real way to describe "God's" creation - "Woman"? Are we now to follow their lead and no longer celebrate "Mother's Day"? And should we - - because of their "shift in the mind, mental health, morality or will" now speak of "breast" milk as "chest" milk? "Breasts" a special physical feature and necessity in the lives of Females - "breasts" are now to be smashed, hidden, and cut off in order to remove the "beauty, dignity and honor" associated with being God's gift to Men and babies - Females.

I say to you - whether there be millions of us or simply a small minority - there is reason to Stand for the "Safe Spaces for Females" that we deserve. So speak up, in these situations, go ahead and say, "Man, get out of my restroom". Yes, say it in your own way - - write it in your own way - - using the words that suit you. But let's not allow this leaven to spread any further. If we don't speak up, we will look around and find no place "safe" for us - as Women & Girls to go.


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