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Own It!

Will you please stop picking on the poor gun who is sitting there minding its own business?!!! It is time we start taking responsibility - as a society - for what is really going on with "us". You who sound off, blaming the gun for the problems - the deaths and devastation - around us seem to be playing a card game of sorts, and have chosen this one over here!". We cannot get off the hook quite that easily, folks. Soooo, take a deep breath, and calm down.

If you, who are Christians want to see change, you must begin with Prayer. From there, it is really a matter of sound choices, education and prevention. So, let's talk about these 3 as if we are dealing with non-Christians. You already know that there are protocols for how to store weapons. But we would do well to remember that guns have existed for years without mass or otherwise extensive shootings. However, there ARE many other weapons that have brought about an increase in violence... namely - guns, knives, acid, drugs, body parts and verbal abuse. I’m certain that you might be able to add even more weapons used to destroy the lives of people.

I would like to share that we have a responsibility to our families, our communities, and ourselves to look deeply at these factors: Mental Health, Arts, Entertainment and Media, Drugs & Alcohol, and Satanic and Witchcraft activities, as culprits, that bear responsibility for the destruction of lives across the land. The Word of God says the heart is deceitful, and who can really know it. Jeremiah 17:9 (ASV) reads this way, “The heart is deceitful above all things, and it is exceedingly corrupt: who can know it?” It really is an issue of the heart when it comes down to it. And with the increase of violence within entertainment, arts and media, and the increased authorization of recreational use of drugs, we should not be surprised at any of this.

You may not understand it, and perceive it as such but we are going to need our guns more than ever. We cannot give up our freedoms to protect ourselves and our families. You really need to calm down and to pray and ask Holy Spirit for wisdom and truth. It has not been law abiding citizens that misuse guns. Yes, there are accidents that happen, and poor choices made by some, but by and large, criminals, and people with wicked hearts gain access to guns - and will continue to - in order to use guns for their purposes. If you and I do not have the ability to protect ourselves who do you think will come for you and me, to help us?

Anyway, I found this article - Texas school shooting: Uvalde gunman threatened rapes, shootings on Yubo before massacre, users say to be very interesting, and very troubling. It provides insight into the minds of young people as they interact with violent and perverted people on the Internet. If we are going to train people in our society and help to deal with violence and potential violence, then we need to start by educating ourselves and our young people - our own children - concerning these matters. We hear, time and again, how that people overlook what is being shared about inappropriate behaviors of these who ultimately strike in large numbers to kill. And no one is held accountable. This is where the accountability lies. It is not on the guns. Parents of these young people, those who are told of the actions and words of the young people, ministers, educators, therapists, law officers, and others, must be trained to follow through... follow up...and follow up again, and again - even annually - to see how troubled youth (and adults) are doing. Guns are not the problem. We cannot vilify a useful , tool, strategy, or thing because someone uses it in the wrong way.

As I said earlier... Calm Down, Folks. Not only that, Be willing to address the real problems/issues: violence in media, arts & entertainment, drugs & alcohol, and satanic & witchcraft activities. Christians know that this is really a spiritual issue. But those who do not wish to address this from a spiritual or God Viewpoint... well... they can surely look to the issues identified here, as a starting point. If we, as a country, want to live out our days without violence, we must be willing to deal with the culprits that cut short our existence. I assure you, it is not the gun. This is not a random card game of Uno, People. If someone has the potential to use a tool, weapon, or strategy in the wrong way, then perhaps that option is not offered them. But trust me... You will need to stand firm on the 2nd Amendment, and maintain it as Your Right. Own It, Folks! Own Your Gun Rights AND Own Responsibility for what is being offered to us - all of us... on a daily basis! If you want to fight... fight against the increased use of recreational drugs & alcohol. Fight against violence in media, arts and entertainment. Fight in the Realm of the Spirit against Satanism and Witchcraft. Keep all of these out of your home, vacations, school experiences for your children, relationships, and more. Lord, Help Us to apply our hearts to your wisdom.

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