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Gentle Tears of Young Worshipers

We rehearsed in the basement back then. And little Nakia would sit in the midst of our rehearsal at age 2, while her Daddy playing bass, and other musicians on their instruments delivered chords, rhythms and notes in their most tender worshipful R & B style. One song, an original, that I wrote, was particularly moving, as it took us to the throne room of God. And you know how synthesizers - in the hands of accomplished, anointed and sensitive musicians - deliver sustaining rich notes & chords that support the Soloist in their rise to the throne room.... well, the combination of the lyrics, as such, with those musicians, and my heart to administer pure worship to God took - not only us - but little Nakia to a place.

Daddy looked up to see his baby weeping - tears falling down her cheeks. And when he asked, "Nakia, what's wrong baby?" She began to weep and cry out loud, saying nothing was wrong. Her daddy - John Larry Graham (I jokingly call him "The" Larry Graham), sensitive to his daughter, and the things of God determined that precious little Nakia was in a place of worship and adoration. Daddy asked, as he went to pick her up, "Are you crying because of Aunt Selia's singing?" She nodded her head, yes, and you can know that my heart was overwhelmed. Larry handed little Nakia to me, and I prayed and worshiped with her in my arms as the musicians continued to play. I used the moment to pray over Nakia and nurture the spirit of a worshiper that was rising in her spirit - towards the Lord, our God.

I was reminded of Nakia and her precious tears when I saw this video, yesterday, on Facebook:

This is not the first video that I have seen on social media of babies weeping while having an intimate experience during worship. In this video - as it is for babies whose attention span is brief and in-the-moment - this baby is listening to an adult woman sing a worship song. The baby is experiencing worship. And what I love about it is that you - as the viewer - you get to see the tender heart of an infant - yes, an infant - expressed in response to the song that fed its spirit.

It is so important that we position our children so that they hear and learn to respond - uninterrupted - to the Spirit of God. Some of us do not know what to do when little people begin to express themselves in worship or praise - at home or in the house of God. It is something you will want to learn and be in the moment with them. Why? because in this hour and that to come - you will want to raise children from infancy who have a yearning for God and the things that pertain to Him. Worship will help them handle the hard times to come. You will want the children to be free to express their worship and praise to the Lord. Here, you will see a 1-year-old worshiping. Watch.

Let the people identify you as a Holy Roller, but what you should know is that all around you children are being stolen right from under their parents. Principles, dark and evil... perverted and wicked are being poured into them WITHOUT YOUR PERMISSION while they DARE YOU to complain and fight back.

So, get the job done - early, gently, fully and intentionally. I invite you to bring All the Time Song into your children's (ages 0 - 12) lives. These experiences are perfect for your children in nursery, preschool, and K-6 Grades.

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Author: Rev Selia Darlene Bervine, Executive Director of AMERICA PROCLAIMS

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